Remembering Michael Parks

Michael Parks was a national treasure, and we lost him on May 9th 2017. 

Michael Parks was known for his filmography AND discography for over 50 years. While he was known for being the star of Then Came Bronson from 1969-1970, as well as many other films from throughout his career, I wasn't introduced to him until I was 12 years old. Shamefully I was introduced to him in many of Quentin Tarantino's films. Though, it's pretty bad ass that several outstanding directors wrote roles specifically for him including Robert Rodriguez, Kevin Smith, and David Lynch.

I remember watching him as Earl McGraw and Esteban in the Kill Bill movies as well as From Dusk Til Dawn. This was in the height of my childish love for all things Tarantino (Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy those films). After watching these movies and hearing my brother in-law and sister talk non-stop about him, I felt like I wanted to be part of their world. It felt like a special Michael Parks fan club. This inspired me to discover Twin Peaks where he plays Jean Renault. It would seem like this character was great practice before portraying the role of Esteban.

Throughout my teenage and young adult years I was always interested in Parks' work which is why I was over the moon to watch Kevin Smith's movie Red State. I had already considered myself an annoying Kevin Smith fan to friends and family so I was okay with enjoying this one on my own (especially considering my family was -- and still is -- an extremely Christian conservative one). He played the hell out of his character in that movie and frankly, it was terrifying. Where else can you find a movie that is a frighteningly similar portrayal of the Westboro Baptist Church?

After purchasing Kevin Smith's book Tough Shit, I remember re-reading the three chapters dedicated to Red State and Michael Parks. Over and over again. I could not get enough of reading about Tarantino watching Red State with Kevin and Parks at Tarantino's house in his personal theater. It was beautifully written, and it wasn't until then that I felt like I was truly in the Michael Parks fan club. It was a great story about Kevin Smith watching his film with two of his idols, while Tarantino introduced him to a back catalog he had created of Parks' works. While reading this it made me think, "Who else out there in the world is reading this and tearing up from smiling so hard?"

Meeting Michael Parks was the single most memorable experience I have ever had at a convention. Texas Frightmare Weekend in Dallas, TX in 2014 was -- and is still -- one of my favorite years to attend. After waiting countless hours in line to meet guests, I meandered into the Made In Texas room at the convention to find none other than THE Micheal Parks. Sitting alone. With no line. Signing no autographs. For a moment I almost peed with excitement. However, a feeling of sympathy came over me. Here was Parks, a fucking legend, sitting alone next to Chandler Riggs' booth (The Walking Dead) with 80+ people in line. The first words out of my mouth when saying hello were. "Wow, you should have all of those people over there in your line!" I immediately felt awful after realizing what a fragile state he was in.

I wanted to apologize, but before I could, he asked me to come around the table and sit next to him. I probably sat with him for a good 20 minutes. I asked him what is was like to work with Kevin knowing that at the time TUSK has just wrapped. He was real good about not breaking any NDA's and proceeded to talk about Red State. I realized years later why he might have wanted to talk about it. He loved music. He even wrote an entire album while filming Red State, and for a short while, it was available on the movie website shortly after premiering. He was an outstanding musician. A real down to earth country singer. I was lucky enough to be gifted one of his albums recently. It's called Closing the Gap. It is one of my most valued treasures. He released about eight records as far as I know.

Michael Parks left behind a huge body of work that will be cherished for many years. Hell, even now I am still trying to catch up and watch all of his movies. He was a talented actor, musician, father, and friend to many. He was truly one of a kind.

How do YOU remember Michael Parks?


Hope Havoc



Texas Frightmare Weekend 2017

Click to Scroll. We met so many cool people!

I know what you're thinking..." she never writes blog posts". 

Correct. While I could use the excuse of working a full time job, preparing to get married, buying a house, and moving all in one year as a reason for why it's difficult to pump out podcast episodes and blog posts, I really shouldn't. Taking time for personal creative pursuits is important. I constantly have to ask myself "Hope, what's your why? Why do you do what you do?" I think this should be applied to everything in life. It's not always easy, and sometimes I forget to keep myself in check. My experience at Texas Frightmare Weekend this year boosted my inspiration more than I was expecting. 

I was given the opportunity to be a vendor at the convention which I am immensely grateful for. Sure, anyone can apply for one, but as a podcaster/ art collaboration we weren't sure what to expect. Considering we weren't able to leave the booth for large amounts of time, it was difficult to interview the actual guests at the show. I was okay with this considering this was Mk's (GHOSTMUMBLE) first convention. This was an opportunity for her to shine as a local artist and make connections. Hell, I made handfuls of connections as a podcaster too! We are both new to this and it really helps when you feel like you've felt a new sense of community with other like-minded creatives. 

Recording audio at a convention booth isn't exactly ideal, but it's been done many times before by others. We had a lot of fun shootin' the shit with attendees and selling prints. Mk was able to meet, discuss, and plan future opportunities with Mondo, and I hope to collaborate with lots of new contacts. We got to meet lots of guests ( when we had the chance to leave the booth) including Dario Argento. That was the highlight of the event for me including the Suspiria panel. Thanks so much to everyone that stopped by to say hi, and to those who helped make this happen. You might find us at a few upcoming events such as Famous Monsters Con and the Grandbury Paranormal Expo. We are looking forward to booking other events throughout the year. Give us a shout- we love to be a part of new and interesting events!


Until next time....


Hope Havoc

Elizabeth's 2016 Favorites

Happy Bday to Me.jpg

Hey Creeps-

Don't axe me. Please. 2016 is officially over, and it's been a busy couple of month's. I figured I'd kick off the new year on the blog discussing ( or listing is more like it) what horror related films I favored the most in 2016. Of course If I listed every single movie I watched this year I'd be here all night. Even now I'm writing this with a head cold, runny nose, and horrifying cough- so here goes...


#1- The Guest (2014)
Director: Adam Wingard
Genre: Thriller

#2- Green Room (2015)
Director: Jeremy Saulnier
Genre: Crime, Horror, Thriller

#3- Frightmare (1974)
Director: Pete Walker
Genre: Horror

#4-The Invitation (2015)
Director: Karyn Kusama
Genre: Thriller

#5-De Palma (2016)
Director: Noah Baumbach, Jake Paltrow
Genre: Documentary

#6- Don't Breathe (2016)
Director: Fede Alvarez
Genre: Crime, Horror, Thriller

#7- The Witch (2015)
Director: Robert Eggers
Genre: Mystery, Horror

#8- Happy Birthday To Me (1981)
Director: J. Lee Thompson
Genre: Horror

#9- The Blood Splattered Bride ( 1972)
Director: Vincente Arande
Genre: Horror

#10- Bird With The Crystal Plumage ( 1970)
Director: Dario Argento
Genre: Horror, Mystery, Thriller

Now, before you start to make assumptions, please know that these aren't really in any particular order. Also, this just happened to be a top ten list. I don't know how it happened, it just happened. I enjoyed every minute of these films this year. Please comment below or tweet at @HopeEHarrell or @TheMacabrecast. What were some of your favorites? If you have seen these what did you think? Stay tuned for another blog post, I promise you all it won't be in a couple of months. I am currently putting together a list of movies I'd like to see this year. I will probably add to it on a monthly basis. 

I don't quite like the attitude most people take these days about seeing movies that have been out for forever. " Oh man you've never seen this!?" " Where the hell have you been?!" Listen, I joke in this way also- mainly with CLOSE friends and acquaintances. However, who the hell gives a shit? It's nice to even revisit movies from the past. Let people like what they like, discover, and rediscover. 

Will you join me in doing this in 2017? I hope everyone has a kick ass year! 


PS- Check out MK's awesome sketch skills. Killin it always.

Ash Vs Evil Dead

Maybe you've already seen the new Starz network show Ash Vs. Evil Dead, maybe you have not. Regardless, if you're a fan of the Evil Dead franchise or Sam Raimi you just might fall in love with the TV series. For most when you think of Bruce Campbell, you think of Ashley "Ash" Williams, the SMart clerk, and the charismatic dummy with the chainsaw hand from Evil Dead (1981), Evil Dead 2 (1987), and Army of Darkness (1992). Now, in 2016 (beginning in 2015) the hardcore deadite fans have joined together in enjoying Ash's return to television. 

If you discovered the Evil Dead franchise like I did or like many people I know which was not chronologically ( Yes, it's true- don't go casting necronomicon spells on me now!), then you probably loved the campy/comedic tone to Army of Darkness. Fans who can appreciate this side of the Evil Dead franchise will notice the same vibe in the TV series. This works incredibly well considering Ash's timeline at this point- 30 years after the first three films, living in a trashed out trailer, drinking in bars and picking up ladies with his missing hand sob stories, aaaand drunkenly reading from the Book of the Dead awaking the Kandarian Demon once again! This time they've got the help of the Starz network to basically do just about anything they want!

Season one is chock full of excitement, adventure, blood, and comedy. Ash is full of HILARIOUS self deprecating jokes while he also has no problem strapping on the ol' hacksaw and boomstick. Oh yes- he reprises his role completely- and let's not forget some of the best one liners and catchphrases! After watching Season one with the Starz subscription on Amazon Prime I found myself anticipating Season two more than any other show to premier this season. ( I know there are plenty of outstanding shows airing soon.) The casting is phenomenal  and I've often felt like the show isn't always predictable. 

Season two premiered yesterday, October 2 and I could not have asked for a better episode. Fans of the franchise have FINALLY gotten what they've been asking for for years and it's pretty clear how well received season one was. They heard us and gave us the funniest and goriest episode yet! Of course it could sound like judging a book after only reading the first chapter, however I can't contain my excitement for the rest of the season. Check it out, I hope you don't regret it! Stay Groovy!


   Craft Fair Games Presents: FEROX


    When we think of board games or table top games, we remember that they not only bring people together, but they remind us how to play together. Creatives Ryan Sheffield and Brad Dougher from Craft Fair Games do just that with their new game Ferox. Unlike most games today, their game has deep, dark, and graphic objectives. Kill, kill, kill! With the often too familiar art styles of most table top games currently on the market, Ryan and Brad decided to create their game with a new and rarer take on board gaming themes. 

  Ferox is a new asymmetrical card battling game for two players inspired by (and satirizing) the cannibalistic exploitation horror films of the early 80's. A Kickstarter campaign was initiated to help fund the game and inspire publishers to invest. The Craft Fair Games team also approached famed YouTuber, and game reviewer "Undead Viking" about evaluating the game. While the game review was excellent, it also brought to light that the game would be a hard sell to comic shops considering it's graphic content. They quickly cancelled the funding program due to low traction and the fear of becoming a failed Kickstarter. Instead, Ryan and Brad made the decision to go completely DIY in the marketing of their game. They both started printing small runs of the game and assembling each box out of their own homes to sell to potential gamers while inspiring a cult following style of promoting. In doing this, they've embraced their gamer punk DIY ethos and created the games they want to play.
  Some might agree it's unfair to say that most horror genre fans don't play many table top games. Others could argue whether or not there are many horror table top games to play to begin with. It is fair to say that Ferox could be a new and fun way to connect and grow the horror community in the DFW area. The Craft Fair Games team took a simple idea and created something that no one else has yet to make. The two collaborators, from Denton, TX, took Ferox to Dallas' annual Board Game Geek Con in December 2015. The attendees of the con were very receptive to the game and it has received outstanding feedback. You can now demo Ferox at various comic shops and bars in the DFW area. Chock-full of vicious dice-chucking, light deck-building, and retro horror nostalgia, Ferox is the most fun you'll ever have killing and eating your friends! Click the links on the side of the page to support these locals and to purchase a copy of the game. Check out their Facebook page for up to date information on the locations of the next demo!



Listen here

Dark Hour Haunt is one of the most impressive attractions in the Dallas Fort Worth area.  Owner Lucy Moore and her talented team opened the doors to the haunt in October of 2013 in Plano, TX.  It offers its customers over 30,000 square feet of fear and Universal Studios-esque sets that scare even with the lights on. The lighting, sound, props, and actors together create a haunt experience unlike any other in the Metroplex. It's almost hard to believe the entire haunt was built in only a little over a month. 

Lucy Moore is an imaginative creator who is an inspiration to aspiring haunt owners everywhere. She credits the success of her haunt journey and learning the haunt business to her show director -- Allen Hopps -- along with her technical director, show developer, and the rest of the team that helped build Dark Hour.  Lucy knew that she needed to make an impression in the haunt industry by making Dark Hour a year-round experience. You can visit Dark Hour not only for the Halloween season, but during holidays like Christmas, Valentines Day, and St. Patty's Day. This is possible because Lucy and her team share the same holistic vision for Dark Hour and keep the dream ( or nightmare) alive! 

Where did it all begin? Lucy found her passion for haunting by creating home haunts from her own home back in 2001.  She invited friends and family over to experience her spooky haunted house where she used basic materials to create a haunt-esque experience in her neighborhood.  She used products like black tarp, wood, and fog machines to create a haunting aesthetic. "I even ended up putting up fake walls within my house", Lucy said. Her advice to those interested in the haunt business? "Just start home haunting."

As the owner of Dark Hour Haunt, it is important to Lucy to be interactive both within the haunt and behind the scenes. She makes it a point to help out in costuming when she can and she even assists the actors while they prepare for the evening. One of her favorite things to do is watch the cameras {in their security room} and take notes of everything going on. She even loves editing the footage for the "scare-cams" that are posted online for guests to watch! Dark Hour Haunt is on its way to being one of the premier haunted attractions in the nation, and you can feel Lucy's and her team's enthusiasm to make it so as soon as you walk through their doors. 

Check out their homepage linked on the right here, and don't forget to follow them on Twitter or check on their Facebook for the latest information about the Dark Hour Haunt!