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Dark Hour Haunt is one of the most impressive attractions in the Dallas Fort Worth area.  Owner Lucy Moore and her talented team opened the doors to the haunt in October of 2013 in Plano, TX.  It offers its customers over 30,000 square feet of fear and Universal Studios-esque sets that scare even with the lights on. The lighting, sound, props, and actors together create a haunt experience unlike any other in the Metroplex. It's almost hard to believe the entire haunt was built in only a little over a month. 

Lucy Moore is an imaginative creator who is an inspiration to aspiring haunt owners everywhere. She credits the success of her haunt journey and learning the haunt business to her show director -- Allen Hopps -- along with her technical director, show developer, and the rest of the team that helped build Dark Hour.  Lucy knew that she needed to make an impression in the haunt industry by making Dark Hour a year-round experience. You can visit Dark Hour not only for the Halloween season, but during holidays like Christmas, Valentines Day, and St. Patty's Day. This is possible because Lucy and her team share the same holistic vision for Dark Hour and keep the dream ( or nightmare) alive! 

Where did it all begin? Lucy found her passion for haunting by creating home haunts from her own home back in 2001.  She invited friends and family over to experience her spooky haunted house where she used basic materials to create a haunt-esque experience in her neighborhood.  She used products like black tarp, wood, and fog machines to create a haunting aesthetic. "I even ended up putting up fake walls within my house", Lucy said. Her advice to those interested in the haunt business? "Just start home haunting."

As the owner of Dark Hour Haunt, it is important to Lucy to be interactive both within the haunt and behind the scenes. She makes it a point to help out in costuming when she can and she even assists the actors while they prepare for the evening. One of her favorite things to do is watch the cameras {in their security room} and take notes of everything going on. She even loves editing the footage for the "scare-cams" that are posted online for guests to watch! Dark Hour Haunt is on its way to being one of the premier haunted attractions in the nation, and you can feel Lucy's and her team's enthusiasm to make it so as soon as you walk through their doors. 

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