Craft Fair Games Presents: FEROX


    When we think of board games or table top games, we remember that they not only bring people together, but they remind us how to play together. Creatives Ryan Sheffield and Brad Dougher from Craft Fair Games do just that with their new game Ferox. Unlike most games today, their game has deep, dark, and graphic objectives. Kill, kill, kill! With the often too familiar art styles of most table top games currently on the market, Ryan and Brad decided to create their game with a new and rarer take on board gaming themes. 

  Ferox is a new asymmetrical card battling game for two players inspired by (and satirizing) the cannibalistic exploitation horror films of the early 80's. A Kickstarter campaign was initiated to help fund the game and inspire publishers to invest. The Craft Fair Games team also approached famed YouTuber, and game reviewer "Undead Viking" about evaluating the game. While the game review was excellent, it also brought to light that the game would be a hard sell to comic shops considering it's graphic content. They quickly cancelled the funding program due to low traction and the fear of becoming a failed Kickstarter. Instead, Ryan and Brad made the decision to go completely DIY in the marketing of their game. They both started printing small runs of the game and assembling each box out of their own homes to sell to potential gamers while inspiring a cult following style of promoting. In doing this, they've embraced their gamer punk DIY ethos and created the games they want to play.
  Some might agree it's unfair to say that most horror genre fans don't play many table top games. Others could argue whether or not there are many horror table top games to play to begin with. It is fair to say that Ferox could be a new and fun way to connect and grow the horror community in the DFW area. The Craft Fair Games team took a simple idea and created something that no one else has yet to make. The two collaborators, from Denton, TX, took Ferox to Dallas' annual Board Game Geek Con in December 2015. The attendees of the con were very receptive to the game and it has received outstanding feedback. You can now demo Ferox at various comic shops and bars in the DFW area. Chock-full of vicious dice-chucking, light deck-building, and retro horror nostalgia, Ferox is the most fun you'll ever have killing and eating your friends! Click the links on the side of the page to support these locals and to purchase a copy of the game. Check out their Facebook page for up to date information on the locations of the next demo!