Ash Vs Evil Dead

Maybe you've already seen the new Starz network show Ash Vs. Evil Dead, maybe you have not. Regardless, if you're a fan of the Evil Dead franchise or Sam Raimi you just might fall in love with the TV series. For most when you think of Bruce Campbell, you think of Ashley "Ash" Williams, the SMart clerk, and the charismatic dummy with the chainsaw hand from Evil Dead (1981), Evil Dead 2 (1987), and Army of Darkness (1992). Now, in 2016 (beginning in 2015) the hardcore deadite fans have joined together in enjoying Ash's return to television. 

If you discovered the Evil Dead franchise like I did or like many people I know which was not chronologically ( Yes, it's true- don't go casting necronomicon spells on me now!), then you probably loved the campy/comedic tone to Army of Darkness. Fans who can appreciate this side of the Evil Dead franchise will notice the same vibe in the TV series. This works incredibly well considering Ash's timeline at this point- 30 years after the first three films, living in a trashed out trailer, drinking in bars and picking up ladies with his missing hand sob stories, aaaand drunkenly reading from the Book of the Dead awaking the Kandarian Demon once again! This time they've got the help of the Starz network to basically do just about anything they want!

Season one is chock full of excitement, adventure, blood, and comedy. Ash is full of HILARIOUS self deprecating jokes while he also has no problem strapping on the ol' hacksaw and boomstick. Oh yes- he reprises his role completely- and let's not forget some of the best one liners and catchphrases! After watching Season one with the Starz subscription on Amazon Prime I found myself anticipating Season two more than any other show to premier this season. ( I know there are plenty of outstanding shows airing soon.) The casting is phenomenal  and I've often felt like the show isn't always predictable. 

Season two premiered yesterday, October 2 and I could not have asked for a better episode. Fans of the franchise have FINALLY gotten what they've been asking for for years and it's pretty clear how well received season one was. They heard us and gave us the funniest and goriest episode yet! Of course it could sound like judging a book after only reading the first chapter, however I can't contain my excitement for the rest of the season. Check it out, I hope you don't regret it! Stay Groovy!