Texas Frightmare Weekend 2017

Click to Scroll. We met so many cool people!

I know what you're thinking..." she never writes blog posts". 

Correct. While I could use the excuse of working a full time job, preparing to get married, buying a house, and moving all in one year as a reason for why it's difficult to pump out podcast episodes and blog posts, I really shouldn't. Taking time for personal creative pursuits is important. I constantly have to ask myself "Hope, what's your why? Why do you do what you do?" I think this should be applied to everything in life. It's not always easy, and sometimes I forget to keep myself in check. My experience at Texas Frightmare Weekend this year boosted my inspiration more than I was expecting. 

I was given the opportunity to be a vendor at the convention which I am immensely grateful for. Sure, anyone can apply for one, but as a podcaster/ art collaboration we weren't sure what to expect. Considering we weren't able to leave the booth for large amounts of time, it was difficult to interview the actual guests at the show. I was okay with this considering this was Mk's (GHOSTMUMBLE) first convention. This was an opportunity for her to shine as a local artist and make connections. Hell, I made handfuls of connections as a podcaster too! We are both new to this and it really helps when you feel like you've felt a new sense of community with other like-minded creatives. 

Recording audio at a convention booth isn't exactly ideal, but it's been done many times before by others. We had a lot of fun shootin' the shit with attendees and selling prints. Mk was able to meet, discuss, and plan future opportunities with Mondo, and I hope to collaborate with lots of new contacts. We got to meet lots of guests ( when we had the chance to leave the booth) including Dario Argento. That was the highlight of the event for me including the Suspiria panel. Thanks so much to everyone that stopped by to say hi, and to those who helped make this happen. You might find us at a few upcoming events such as Famous Monsters Con and the Grandbury Paranormal Expo. We are looking forward to booking other events throughout the year. Give us a shout- we love to be a part of new and interesting events!


Until next time....


Hope Havoc