Monsters of Madness


Joshua Stuart

     Josh Stuart is a local tattoo artist who brings fresh and inventive ideas to customers at his current home shop Perception Fine Body Art in Dallas, TX. Josh describes his art style as street art/graffiti inspired and his tattooing style is influenced by a traditional background. " I really just do what I know and go for it. I don't like putting myself into a category, I like to be different and current", says Josh. He has been a painter for most of his life, but wasn't serious about art until the young age of 14. This was about the time he was heavily influenced by street art and has now been an artist for 13 years. Josh became a tattoo artist in 2012, so he's been a tattoo artist for 3 years. Josh has been recognized by several tattoo magazines through Instagram features and continues to compete and tattoo at conventions. Josh also travels around the country to guest at other shops, most frequently in LA. Josh credits his friends, family, and fellow artists Kevin Hicks, and Zack Singer from Perception for supporting him in his efforts. He will be guesting at Sacred Art Tattoo in downtown LA this month and will be at a Philadelphia convention in February 2016. Josh can be best reached through email at Please see the below format for tattoo inquires. 

In your email, please include:

First and Last Name
Your Location
Phone Number
A detailed description of what you'd like tattoo'd
Photo references of desired tattoo

Please allow a 3-7 day response.

Josh has a minimum of $150. Each session requires $100 deposit which will go towards the tattoo. The deposit must be made at the time of the initial consultation, where you will go over your tattoo idea and book your appointments. Deposits go toward the session booked and are non refundable. His rate is $150 per hour. He cannot give you an estimated price via email. At the consultation you will together come up with a tattoo design. He will draw everything in his own style and will not exactly replicate another artist’s work. If you have inspiration/photos/specific things you would like him to reference for your tattoo, please include them in your email.